SiteConcept built SaltX Pilot Plant for nanocoated salt

“Salt – The Green Gold of Energy Storage”

Siteconcept had the honor to build the SaltX Techonology energy storage facility at Vattenfall’s Reuter West thermal power plant in Berlin, Germany. The plant is a pilot plant for testing and evaluating energy storage on nanocoated salt.

SaltX Technology provides a nanocoated salt (NCS) and oxide technology perfect for energy storage applications. When charged with electricity or heat when available, and release the high-quality steam up to 450 ° C. The patented technology used by SaltX Technology enables more efficient use of renewable energy sources.

SaltX Technology takes into account everything from length, density and composition to other parameters that must be considered when coating nanomaterials.

A cost-effective and non-toxic solution for energy storage

Nanocoating the salts prevents the salts from becoming sticky, which means that the salt retains its original crystal form. The advantage of this is that you can charge and unload energy from the salts thousands of times without losing performance. Ordinary salt particles begin to expand after only 50 charges. When the salt is treated with nano-coating, the corrosive properties, which are found in ordinary salts, also disappear. Therefore, SaltX salts are a cost-effective and also a non-toxic and recyclable solution.

SaltX production and research has a strong environmental focus. The oxides used in large-scale energy storage systems are also used in agricultural contexts and are therefore fully compatible with our natural ecosystems. SaltX does not use toxic materials and ensures that all substances they use come from transparent supply chains.

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SaltX Technology Pilot Plant
The SaltX Technology Pilot Plant. Picture: SaltX

Our assignment for SaltX Technology

SiteConcept was contacted by SaltX to design, manufacture, deliver and assemble process engineering equipment. We also performed the overall electrical design and programming of the 5 MW control and operator system for the plant.

SaltX chose us because of our ability to take on and implement the assignment quickly. During the project our assignment and commitment grew. We assisted with technical construction investigations and calculations for the old turbine hall from 1930, in which the facility was built.

The assignment included the following components: 

  • Process, dimensioning and strength calculations
  • Construction of process pipes, mechanical equipment
  • Manufacture, delivery and assembly of:
    • Silos
    • Transport equipment
    • Load-bearing steel structures
    • Process pipework
    • Hot gas
    • Hydraulics
    • Insulation
  • Construction of electrical and automation equipment
  • Delivery and assembly of:
    • Control System Equipment
    • Operator system with computer equipment
    • Security system for the process
    • Instrumentation for pressure, temperature and level
  • Programming of the process function
  • FAT, SAT and Deployment
Nanocoated salt
Nanocoated salt. Picture: SaltX

The plant was inaugurated in April 2019

Our work was carried out during the late summer and autumn of 2018 and deployed in the beginning of 2019. The facility was inaugurated on April 11th 2019 and got a large amount of press coverage on German TV.

SaltX – A pilot project we are proud of

We at Siteconcept had the honor of building the first large pilot plant for energy storage for SaltX at Vattenfall’s Reuter West thermal power plant in Berlin. The work was carried out in close collaboration with SaltX and Vattenfall. The SaltX facility was Siteconcept’s first major assignment and we are very satisfied and proud of the end result.

Film and pictures: SaltX Technology


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