Rebuilding of KMW-furnace and replacement of fuel feed

During the summer break at Karl Hedin’s sawmill in Karbenning, SiteConcept rebuilt the old KMW-furnace. The furnace has been given a larger volume and grate surface, which has increased residence time and effect. Fuel feed has been changed from a vibrating bridge and drop grate to a conveyor and modern pusher. The refurbishment has effectively improved the environmental values and created a better working environment for the operating staff.

Relocation of oil boilers in Kungsbacka

During the summer, SiteConcept moved two oil boilers from Smörhålevägen to Borgåsliden in Kungsbacka. The two oil boilers are 12.5MW each and have been installed in an existing building at the new location where they will function as peak load production.

In addition, SiteConcept has also delivered and installed three oil tanks with a total of 50m³, baghouse filter with recirculating lime system, chimney, a new flue gas system including fans as well as service plan and stairs. SiteConcept has carried out all mechanical construction in 3D, all electrical construction, programming and commissioning of the facility.