Siteconcept performed a feasibility study for Arbaflame black pellets

“The next generation of wood pellets”

In its Norwegian subsidiary, Siteconcept carried out a feasibility study for Arbaflame at their facility in Matrand, about 150 km west of Oslo. The plant was at that time a test plant for a new type of black pellets, Arbacore, but needed to be upgraded to deliver 65,000 tons of pellets per year.

Arbaflame manufactures black pellets as a substitute for coal

Arbaflame black pellets is part of the Arbaheat-group with many different subsidiaries.
It is a Norwegian technology company that in the last 10-15 years has developed and patented a steam process for the production of Arbacore, a black water-resistant pellet that can replace coal in existing coal boilers.

In 2015, Arbaflame converted the Thunder Bay Generation Station facility in Ontario, Canada. After the conversion, the plant delivered 170 MW of energy with 100% renewable fuels instead of coal.

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Our preliminary study resulted in a complete upgrade of the solid fuel plant

SiteConcept delivered a feasibility study that later formed the basis for an offer to Arbaflame that resulted in a contract for a complete upgrade of the existing solid fuel plant for steam production to the new pellet factory.

In the existing building, SiteConcept has built a completely new facility. The existing oven was upgraded for increased power and improved environmental values.

SiteConcep’s commitment at Arbaflame has grown over time to also include assignments in the pellet factory.

The commitment for Arbaflame included the following elements:

  • Plant design, process dimensioning and calculations
  • Construction of process mechanical equipment
  • Manufacturing, delivery and assembly of:
    • Combustion air system with fans
    • Steam boiler 29 bar with two subsequent economizers
    • Steam accumulator
    • Feed water system with new pumps
    • Process pipe system for steam, feed water, condensate, water purification, etc.
    • Filter bags
    • Flue gas system with fans
    • Ash handling system
    • Auxiliary systems such as hydraulics and pneumatics
    • Service plan
    • Insulation
  • Construction of electrical and automation equipment.
  • Delivery and assembly of:
    • New / redesign of electrical cabinets
    • Electrical cabinet
    • Control system
    • Operator Systems
    • Security system for the process
    • Instrumentation for pressure, temperature, level and flow
  • Programming of the total process function
  • FAT, SAT and Deployment
  • Documentation and CE marking
Arbaflame black pellets
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Delivery during summer of 2020

The contract was signed in November 2019 and the upgraded plant was delivered and assembled during the summer of 2020. Steam delivery in fall 2020.


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