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Long experience in CHP plants.

SiteConcept was founded by Peter Blomdahl and Anders Toll, who together have more than 50 years of experience in biomass fuelled heat plants and thermal power plants. In a world where environmental awareness is increasing rapidly, we are proud to say that climate-smart solutions has been our primary focus over 25 years.


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Peter and Anders first met in 1996 at KMW-Energi in Norrtälje, Sweden. As the years passed by and their professional roles changed, they came to work closer together. With larger projects and responsibilities, their professional relationship deepened as insights and different areas of expertise strengthened. Over the years, and thanks to several joint projects, a deep friendship formed and has now resulted in a joint venture.

Our goal with Siteconcept is to become a strong and stable partner for all biomass fuelled power plant owners in the energy sector.

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Meet our Siteconcept team


Broad knowledge in a climate-smart industry

My working life started in the trotting world, where I took care of and trained trotting horses and traveled around Sweden and Denmark as a rider. In 1986 I changed my direction and started working as an electrician and line engineer. For six years I worked as a traveling fitter around Sweden and built power lines, switchgear stations and cable cabinets. Then I started an education that included a large number of work areas, such as pneumatics & hydraulics, electrical and automation and welding, during this period, I also read electricity eligibility BB1.

After a brief period as physical instructor at the Air Defense Regiment in Norrtälje, I started working for KMW-Energy in the summer of 1993. During my 20 years at KMW, I had the opportunity to participate in the production of the last center furnace that left KMW’s workshop. In addition, I have been involved in the construction and erection of about 40 biofuel-fired heating plants around Scandinavia and the Baltic States. Within KMW, I was given the opportunity to develop from a fitter to a site manager for the construction and erection of large thermal power plants and finally as project manager for large industrial turn key projects. There I got to be involved in all the processes; sales, procurement, process & design, production and assembly, commissioning, documentation and above all project management. That experience has given me a broad knowledge of a climate-smart industry with renewable fuels.

A new company with competence in the cogeneration industry

During the years between KMW Energy’s bankruptcy and the start of SiteConcept, I completed a project management education within IPMA and worked for Macon, where I had the opportunity to learn about refractory lining within furnaces. With SiteConcept we have the opportunity to develop a competent business with fantastic employees and services. All in an industry that I still, after 25 years, find tremendously interesting and fun.

Meet our team


An early interest in engineering

Growing up on a farm outside Norrtälje, my interest in electrical and various automation solutions came early. That’s why an education in engineering seemed natural. My first job was at the papermill in Hallstavik.

Shortly thereafter, I wanted to move on to focus more on engineering and started working at Uppsala Energi (today Vattenfall). There I worked as an electrical engineer and participated in smaller project assignments in electricity and automation. I worked for Uppsala Energi six years before landing a job at KMW-Energi. At KMW-Energi I initially worked with electrical constructions. The job also included PLC programming of entire combustion plants, with everything from fuel supply to ash discharge and the air / flue gas systems. As KMW-Energi started delivering larger, fully contracted projects, my role changed and I became project manager for the entire electrical and automation system supply. During this time I designed entire electrical system structures from incoming medium voltage via transformers to low voltage switchgear. I also designed automation systems structure with networks, PLC systems, various bus systems and superior operator systems such as Citect.

All disciplines in the heating and CHP-industry

After 17 years at KMW Energi, I decided to start my own company, Elpart, in 2013. In Elpart I work within all my different areas of expertise. With the start of SiteConcept, I now see the possibility of greater commitments as our skills complement each other and span all disciplines in the biofuel plant and energy industry.

Meet our team


Electricity and programming expert

I am an electrician and after mainly working with troubleshooting and installation for several years, I started working as an electrical engineer. A few years ago, I wanted to update my skills, and started to study operator system programming. Since then operator system programming, and more specifically Citect, has been my primary field of focus. I also have experience in networking systems, and now work with everything from networking to configuration.

A company with great potential

What I love about SiteConcept is that it is a company with great growth potential. Here I have the opportunity to be part of a fantastic journey. SiteConcept values every effort and every individual. Every employee gets a great deal of responsibility, which makes the job feel valuable. I see great personal and company development potential and am happy to be part of it.

Meet our team


Great interest in programming and electrical engineering

I started my professional career in electrical installation, and later started studying electrical construction. An interest, both private and professional, is computers – both in terms of hardware and software. I also have a degree in PLC programming, with focus on Siemens TIA portal.

Development and commitment

In my job at SiteConcep,t I get the opportunity to use and develop all my skills in the field, which I see as a big advantage. SiteConcept is a company that believes in development and commitment. The goal-oriented approach and the wide variety of tasks fit me very well, and I look forward to being part of the company’s journey to success.

Meet our team


Extensive experience from the energy industry

I have a high school education in electricity and automation, but began my career as workshop staff at a car parts company. After a few years, I completed a welding training and in 1997 I started working for KMW- energi. At KMW I got to know, and later work with, both Peter and Anders. During my time at KMW-energi, I was promoted to Assembly manager and later Site Manager for major cogeneration projects. Over the years, I was also involved in the commissioning of the facilities. Since 2014, I have worked as an operations technician at Roslagens Energidrift and during the last few years have run my own company in welding and forging. As an employee of SiteConcept, I have had the opportunity to take the next step in my career and develop my designing skills as a 3D Mechanical designer in Autodesk’s products, such as Inventor and Navis.

Our competence is our strength

Jumping on Siteconcept’s journey felt like an obvious choice for me. Peter and Anders are creative and driven and willing to invest in the staff so they can thrive and develop. The combined competence and the industry know-how that exists within the company feels like a very safe and solid foundation to build upon. All employees have extensive experience from the industry, which gives us a fantastic starting point for the future.

Meet our team


From more practical roles to administration and management

I have a high school education in mechanics and transport technology. In 1996, I started working as a mechanic at the Air Defense Regiment in Norrtälje, where I worked in the military vehicle fleet.

In 1999, I received an offer from Wiklunds Åkeri as a crane truck driver, including training for vehicle-mounted cranes. My practical experience together with a great curiosity and administrative interest soon led to more managerial positions, first as transport manager and then as department manager.

Between 2016 and 2019, I worked as a supervisor at Havator with personnel responsibilities and coordination of 8-10 mobile cranes and heavy handling.
From 2019 to 2021, I was responsible for Scantruck’s facility in Rosersberg, where I handled all planning regarding aftermarket, service and maintenance of various construction machines.

Project Coordinator with HR responsibilities and good knowledge of the day to day business

As a project coordinator at SiteConcept, I shoulder a new challenging role at an expansive company in a strongly growing environmentally conscious industry. With previous experience of planning and personnel responsibilities, I will be able to contribute an important piece of the puzzle in the organization. My experiences in logistics, lifting and heavy handling will come in handy in our projects.

Meet our team


A background in welding and electricity

During my high school studies in electricity, I had an internship at a heating plant and where I met some welders. My interest in welding became greater than in electricity, which resulted in me starting working for Matikainen Rör & Svets AB in 2010.

In 2011, I was offered a job at KMW-Energi as a welder at their workshop in Norrtälje, where we manufactured furnaces and peripherals for solid fuel plants. During my time at KMW, I got to know both Peter and Anders, who now run SiteConcept.

From project employee to Sitesupervisor

When KMW closed its operations in Norrtälje, I returned to Matikainens Rör & Svets where I worked between 2013–2018 with a break of 1 year for further training and licensing in welding.

In 2018, I was contacted by Peter and offered a project position at SiteConcept. I have since worked for them and have just taken the next step in my career by taking on the role of site supervisor and Bas-U.

SiteConcept is a company that has positioned itself well in an industry that is very important for a sustainable future and they have given me support and opportunities for personal and professional development.

Meet our team


A strong dedication to operational engineering

My operational engineering career began in 1985 when I had the privilege of being involved in the commissioning of Forsmark 3. With a degree in Operational Engineering in hand, I then moved on to Stenungsundsverket for a number of years, before later becoming a project manager and commissioning engineer at the former KMW Energi in 1993. As a new father, I chose to become an operational technician at Norrtälje Energi and later a vocational teacher at Norrtelje Technical High School to be closer to home.

In 2006, I moved to Åland for studies, and in 2008, I began working at sea, also with a degree in Marine Engineering. With the exception of a brief stint as a project manager for Goodtech Environment, I have mainly worked as a chief engineer on ferries until 2023.

Want to make a difference together with SiteConcept

SiteConcept fills a gap left by KMW Energi and, with its combined expertise, has great potential to make a difference with good solutions for large and small energy needs. It is an honor to be part of SiteConcept’s dynamic team!

Meet our team


Fascination for mechanical design and advanced calculations

With a keen interest in Mechanical Design, I began my career in 2007 at Sadr Mashin Shayan as a mechanical designer, where I was involved in the design and manufacturing of a spiral welded pipe machine and a hot rolling mill. During this period, I complemented my education in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on design at Islamic Azad University (IAU) in my home country (Iran). I then moved on to Khazar Steel Co. and contributed to the design, optimization, and troubleshooting of various machines and systems, including Continuous Casting Machines, electric arc furnaces, dust collection systems for arc furnaces, as well as cranes and other lifting equipment.

During my ten years at the company, I worked with machines and components exposed to high temperatures and performed various calculations in strength, vibrations, and fluid mechanics using different methods and software. In 2021, I was involved in the design and troubleshooting of dust collection systems for arc furnaces, steam collection systems for continuous casting, and an overhead crane for another steel company.

SiteConcept: A welcoming employer with significant projects

In 2022, I moved to Sweden for love. I began learning the Swedish language while simultaneously working on several projects for a Belgian company. The tasks at SiteConcept align well with my work experience and skills as I have the opportunity to participate in projects related to renewable energy sources. This attracts me as it contributes to creating a more sustainable society.

Being able to be an asset in a specialized group where we support each other technically while treating each other with respect, kindness, and humility is of great importance to me. There may be doubts about a person’s abilities when they come from the Middle East to Europe, but at SiteConcept, both Peter, Anders, and all other colleagues have shown trust in me. I am highly motivated to use all my experiences and skills to assist my colleagues and the company.